On Our Way Home

(I meant to put the blog up last night, while writing it on the boat, but the wifi vanished so I gave up.  Anywho here it is.)

We all did brilliantly.


We all had the best fun.


And we all learned a lot.


So, we are now on the boat, having had our supper, hoping it will be a calm crossing (so far it is).

Everyone competed and we are exhausted now.


Daisy and Bjorn competed against each other in V1, Four gait Sport A.



Bjorn – V1 – Four gait Sport A – 1st with a score of 5.90


Out of nowhere, Taktur discovered his fast tölt.  It was incredible.


Daisy came 2nd in V1 – Four gate Sport A with a scored of 5.85.  

It was very close!


The best part was when Daisy won the Tölt in Harmony on TAKTUR.


It was a big class – 14 horses and riders.  Kappi didn’t participate in Tölt in Harmony. He just did the V1 class (Four gate Sport A).


Best Hest Fest.  Can we do it again please next year?

Now to go through the 6679 photos, yes, you read correctly 6679 or “some” as I like to call it!



6 thoughts on “On Our Way Home

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Pleased you had such a successful weekend, Frances. Well done to you all! I hope it hasn’t taken too great a toll on your aches and pains, because I’m guessing that you didn’t sit still for much of the time!

  2. Carol E

    Wow, that’s all do wonderful and every one looks so good!! It must have been an enormous effort for you with all the rest going on, congrats on being able to support your family so well.


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