Today in Films

A few short films for you to peruse at your leisure.  I took them around and about today.  A regular day at Thordale, I suppose.  Looks fairly normal to me but others might disagree.

Anyway, I have been on my feet all day so I hope these will make up for endless narration.

Lambie “makes friends” with Waffle in his own unique way!  Waffle is, of course, intrigued and thinks this is a perfectly normal method of offer of friendship and is now considering using this technique for himself.

(sorry no sound)

BeAnne and her sofa, sorry, cough, BeAnne and Iacs.

(sorry no sound)

Taktur, BeAnne and Storm.  Taktur stands tied up and is a good boy.  Storm is on the rampage and BeAnne nods off.

(sorry no sound)

The Song of the Shetland Pony Bum Rub!  Tiddles has an itchy arse.  There is sound with this.


5 thoughts on “Today in Films

  1. Linda

    Thoroughly enjoyed these!
    – How does BeAnn get up there? Does she do it in a single leap?
    – Ah, bum scratches and how the animals love them! (that photo of Tiddles from behind was priceless…)

  2. Ray Dunkley

    seems like a wet day has been had again this weather is stupid +15c in leicester – we have cherry bloosom on the trees found magnolia in flower and (spelt wrong) rhoadadendrums

  3. John Davies

    The first one seems to go along with David Bowie’s I’m Afraid of Americans; at least that was
    playing when I watched it. The last one seems to have an issue with needing something “googlish”
    to be run!


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