Mr Grumpy

Iacs is not an easy patient.  He is very grumpy about being restricted around the house and hates being away from the herd.

This morning, after mucking out, I tied him up in the stable and undid his poultice in preparation of a soaking his foot to put on a clean dressing.

I arrived with my bucket of hot water and was stopped in my tracks by Iacs who drank it down to the bottom.  So off I went to boil another kettle and start again.

Today, Iacs is sporting a leopard print bandage to reflect his dark mood.

I felt sorry for him.  He hates illness and was shouting his head off for his friends, so I gave him a big hug and worst of all, he let me.  He is not a hugging chap so he must be feeling rotten.  Afterwards I let him make the silage bale his own close personal friend.

He did his best to get to know it very well.  Well done Iacs!


We were tidying the shed (or mucking out as it is known) as I tend to unwrap bails, leave the bail-wrap everywhere and trip over the orange string.  As ever, we had help.


Lambie and Iacs supervised to check we were doing it properly!


This evening, I gave in in and let the horses inside.  Iacs was thrilled to see his friends and is sharing with Klaengur and Haakon.  So thrilled, in fact, he is now limping on the other leg!

I give up.  I really do.  (Daisy?  Come home and sort out your horse!)

2 thoughts on “Mr Grumpy

  1. Linda

    Awww, after your description of the hug from Iacs, I see he’s just complaining in the only way he can…and that he knows you understand and appreciates it. Hope he’s feeling better soon.


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