Windy Here

Hurricane Thingy is on its way so it is getting windy.  I forget which as, to be perfectly honest, they all start to blend into one in a normal Shetland winter.


I had done all my chores and, as it was still daylight, I went outside with my camera.


I have given up trying to regulate the silage input.  It is just easier to let the horses and ponies stand around a bale and eat as much as they want.  If it is a nice day (ha-bloody-ha), I shoe the herd out into the hill field as that is the least muddy but there is not much grass, so it is only for the fresh air and exercise.


Hetja is still nursing Hjalti (I think, though I haven’t seen him recently helping himself) so she gets anything she wants. Hetja is a natural born mother.  She is very good at her job.


Hjalti spends much of his time now following his Tante Esja so, when we finally wean him, he will have her and the Minions still in his life unless his hormones kick in and then he will only have The Minions.


Anywho, while Hjalti is still Mummy’s precious soldier, he is learning that no good will come from following Waffle as it only leads to trouble!


The wind is blowing constantly and there are some wonderful hairdos.


(Or not!)


Iacs is staying in the stable.  He can get out but he prefers to listen to Radio 2 and munch his pile of hay.


He has regular visitors of the small vulture variety.

BN2A1463 BN2A1467

Les Grandes Dames sometimes come in to give everyone filthy looks.

BN2A1472  BN2A1481

and Haakon pops by for moral support.


3 thoughts on “Windy Here

    1. Frances Post author

      Quite? Quite?


      He is a VERY handsome boy.

      (just sayin’)
      and his nose kisseys are from God.

  1. Sam

    Hjalti is an exceptionally handsome boy! And every culture needs the Small Vultures to clean up after the larger folk. Do love the beachy wind blown hair dos – Vogue models should look so good.


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