To Town Again

I had a hospital appointment so this time I dragged Floss along with me for moral support and afterwards we “did the Street”.

This is Jamieson’s Knitwear’s side window.  Very pretty.

And their main street window. Lovely.  I adore the colours.

Things were a bit livelier on the Street and more folk were out and about, including visitors.

Floss and decided to wear our masks all the time, even though they are only mandatory in shops (and on public transport).  I now have a lovely triple layer silk mask that makes all the difference – it is light and feels gentle against my skin.  I didn’t itch and I stopped wanting to touch my face half as much.


It was nice to see folk about but I am very apprehensive as today Aberdeen was put into lockdown and that is the only route, apart from visiting yachts, anyone can get to Shetland.  There seems to be no testing unless you have symptoms.  I may well be wrong, though.

Lunch was the best – freshly cooked fish and chips, wrapped in paper, sitting in the car overlooking the harbour.

Our lunch view.

Home and I had a peaceful half an hour sitting outside with my best little girly.

And some love and adoration from ‘Ster.

Sorry, this is my best little girly.  She was thrilled when we came home. Muchos excitement.

15 thoughts on “To Town Again

  1. Sam

    Good to see all your girlies coming for some Muzzah time, Ster included.
    Scary how a few more people out and about can feel strange to us. Now we are dealing with no power for several days thanks to the Tropical Storm that flew by yesterday…no one was hurt and the home front is fine.

  2. Linda Kirk

    I imagine you have chain stores as well, but I envy your access to individual shops.
    I’ve emailed Jamieson’s as I fancy those socks in the window but they’re not on their on line shop.
    Ster’s horns are impressive, I wonder if Lambie and Bert are jealous?
    That was quite cruel posting an image of fish and chips. I can practically smell the vinegar and it’s making me want some.

    1. Frances Post author

      If they are the socks next to the llama, that’s not Jamiesons window. It is another shop whose name escapes me but I can find out.

  3. Cathy

    Oooh the fish and chips! Practically food porn. I can’t believe how good they look, and I definitely need a visit to Shetland.

    Your little girl has grown so quickly but she has the most beautiful silky face and ears.

  4. Sam

    Rather nice girlies you have to visit with, oh and Ster. Nicer to see a few people in Lerwick.
    Dealing with no power due to a fast moving tropical storm up the North East of US.
    May be “several” days before power is back on says the utility co who just had a rate increase recinded due to Covid19. Work slow down?

  5. Linda Kirk

    Re socks – that would great, thank you. I had intended to say independent shops but you know what I mean. I hope they manage to survive.

    1. Frances Post author

      I got it off Etsy. I love it. It has a pocket so I bought some copper mesh material earlier and that is my filter. A total game changer. I didn’t itch or feel like it was rough. Do you want the link to Etsy person? Mine is burgundy mulberry silk.


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