High Jinks

Silver: “Oi, Fatty, do you wanna play?”

Storm:  Yer, go on then.  Make my day!

So they did.



Run away!

And off they galloped at tremendous speed.

Up they go!

And a lovely photo of Silver.  Pretty boy.

The others looked on a little bemused and definitely not joining in. Vitamin certainly had better things to do.   I think Sóley was quite jealous. Lilja never lets her play.

Meanwhile, Storm and Silver were having the best time.

Oof – the little fat bunchy bottom!

Storm was in his “elephant” (element).

The pair carried on like this for a while.  Round and round they went at full pelt in one direction and then another.

There was some spectacular “motor-biking”.

Plus a few dirty stops.

It was lovely to watch them play.  We left with smiles on our faces.

3 thoughts on “High Jinks

  1. Sam

    So this is what Minion Zoomies look like. Poor Soley – having no fun with her big sister on duty….
    Rather expressive mane on Storm.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Really great pics, Frances, of these two jostling around in the field. So fun to see them….and good exercise too, huh?


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