To the Hill

It was the perfect day to do it.  So we moved all the Minions and Old Ladies to their summer residence – the hill park in Sandness.

We fed Vitamin and Fivla first and then moved Tiddles, Newt and Silver who were fairly unhelpful to lead.

They galloped off, once they realised where they where they had landed.

Then we drove back and collected Waffle, Storm and Albie who were slightly more enthusiastic.

And then lastly the old ladies – Vitamin and Fivla who were waiting for us looking rather forlorn.  I wish animals could understand that I would never abandon them and that we would be back within the hour.  I did try to explain.

You can see in the far, far distance everyone was waiting by the gate for the ladies.

Lots of shouting from both sides.

It was a good walk for everyone (for Floss and I it was three times).

The boys all crowded around the gate while we opened it.

And the band are back together…. again.  Just splitting them up for a couple of hours for transportation worries them all.  They are a very close herd.  Hopefully the grass is not good enough for anyone to get laminitis.  It is not re-seeded or particularly lush or green. I will go on feeding Vitamin unless she balloons, which I doubt.  This should do them for the summer.

2 thoughts on “To the Hill

  1. Sam

    Good to see the Minons all together. Changing the habitat is stressful for those who only knew love and food with you.


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