To Lerwick (first time in ages)

I had to go in to Lerwick today to get my hair cut.  I am trying to remember when I last went in and I can only think it was probably the end of March (for the last of our hay supply), so possibly nearly 6 months ago, which is shocking now I’ve worked it out.

And if the place was empty before, it was beyond deserted.

The only thing missing was tumbleweed and some haunting music.

Ok, I was there fairly early and even so, by the time my haircut was finished, most of the shops should’ve been open but they weren’t.

It was all rather depressing but I did my other messages – went into the wool shop to see if they needed more sheeple for their field.  Nope.

And took a few photos just because I was somewhere different.

I thought the whole ordeal was very stressful.  I even had to complete a government form requiring a witness for my signature just to get a hair cut!

So I quickly finished up, told myself I didn’t want anything else (I have to go back on Wednesday anyway for an NHS appointment) and rushed home to play with the ponies which was far more fun.

I think these days Lerwick will be emergencies only.  I can’t face it.

7 thoughts on “To Lerwick (first time in ages)

  1. Sam

    Everyone has a point in this Coivd19 world, when it is too much. While it is hard for us to deal with this, we have to remember we are not alone. May seem that way, given the empty streets and shops. Here in the US, too many people are acting like pouty 3yr olds – not willing to wear a mask or stay home or deny themselves what they want. I will take comfort in your lovely pictures of Lerwick, to savor until I can visit it properly.

    1. Frances Post author

      I wore my mask all the time. I think everyone should wear them in public places, ie the street. But that’s just me.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Is this all because of the CORVIN-19? No tourists and only the occasional person-who-lives-there. That’s very sad, but I expect it’s the governments way of keeping this virus at bay (no joke intended). Stay well and playing with ponies is far more entertaining for all that one would realize!

  3. Amy Norris

    So very sad to see Lerwick so deserted. Must be heartbreaking for you. I feel rather desperate to find ways to help…and yet, it feels like the need is so overwhelmingly large. I am glad you have your dear Minions for comfort.

  4. May

    Are the shops putting their wares online?

    Even my local indie bookstore has put their stock online now. You can have it shipped or curbside pickup.

  5. Mary Worsfold

    So sad! I visited Lerwick 12 months and it had a pleasantly busy feel about it, I guess most of our town centres are like this now.


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