Tiddles out, Silver in

So that’s Tiddles back with his friends now.  He loaded beautifully (last time, he put the brakes on in the middle of the road and a neighbour had to help shove him into the van!)

I popped Tiddles into the field after I had put out the bowls for the old ladies, Fivla and Vitamin.

It was interesting to watch – Tiddles went up to introduce himself to Fivla, who is now the boss mare of the herd.  She told him where to go – note the swish of the tail.  Next she would’ve given him both barrels!

Poor Tiddles. He thought he would get a better welcome than that.

I hope Newt will take him under his wing as they only really have each other.

Silver was easily caught – again, another surprise as I thought he would be haring around the field with the newly-arrived Tiddles.  But no, a carrot and a headcollar and he loaded into the van.

I put him into the indoor school and sent the others in to say hello.

Again, this was a complete non-event.

So that’s Tiddles gone and Silver starting a very strict diet.  He has many kilos to lose.  Sorry, Silver!

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