Tiddles and Newt go on Holiday

Little Festus (my neighbour’s Shetland pony) was on his own today as his best friend is visiting the vet down south for a few days.

No horse or pony should ever be on their own so we offered the services of a Minion or two.

We chose carefully and decided on Newt and Tiddles.

Our reasoning being was that Newt was reliable and Tiddles non-confrontational (ie, Storm = Pol Pot reincarnated, Waffle = stallion tendancies, Silver = aloof and uncatchable, Albie = OCD, hates change and becomes hysterical in a weird sort of way).

We stood and watched for a while just to check there would be no Pol Pottery or anything nasty.  If there was bullying, the perpetrator would be removed quickly.

They all had a good sniff.

Tiddles was intrigued by the mud control mats and Hackney-Horse walked over them which was very funny.

It was all very civilised.

Just as we were about to walk away, the fun and games started.

I think Newt was thrilled to have someone to play with who is his own size.



And keep hold.

So that’s Newt and Tiddles away from the others for a few days.  They are just over the road from Thordale so we can visit often or watch their shenanigans as we drive past.

5 thoughts on “Tiddles and Newt go on Holiday

  1. Sam

    LOVE the descriptions of non approved play date Minions. ANd how lovely for Newt to have a same sized buddy to mess around with.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    How kind of you to provide companionship for a lonely pony! Tiddles and Newt seemed more than happy to socialise with their new little friend – I hope they all have a lovely time together.

  3. Linda Kirk

    Little Festus is gorgeous and what a handsome chap New is in his Summer coat. I love the last photo. Tiddles getting stuck in and Little Festus – not minding at all.

  4. Linda

    What SWEET photos of the ponies making friends! And yes, how kind of you to provide some company for the “lone pony.”
    (P.S. Festus was the name of a deputy in an old western TV series called Gunsmoke – brought back some childhood memories.)


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