Easily Diverted

So this afternoon I am walking along in the field, perfectly happily snapping merrily away at various Icelandic horses, proferring the occasional broccoli stalk as I go and hoping that my wee dug, BeAnne Duvet, is coming with me because she said she would.

(I am a fool and she is very good at being invisible)

And here she is…. eventually after I called and called.  Note the lovely dark pink orchid. So pretty.

I am pleased and relieved to say that BeAnne is having a bit of a rally – the latest addition to her diet is lactulose and steroids which seem to have given her back the joy of life, which is truly wonderful.  Today she stole a rabbit off Monster who is now sulking.  She sat on the front doorstep and chomped the lot.  Monster walked around the indoor manège howling to himself.

So, BeAnne and I are walking along together (I think)…..

…. and then I realise I am on my own again!

She’s drifted off.

She is very easily diverted.

My Boyzenberries were around too. The girls were somewhere up a hill.  They made up for Her Maj’s absence.


They all followed me back up the hill.  At least someone did. BeAnne appeared later.

2 thoughts on “Easily Diverted

  1. Linda

    I’m always glad to see BeAnn roaming around (but yeah, not a good day for the rabbit).
    And what a beautiful walk you had, and with such nice friends…


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