All By Myself….

‘Ster was separated from the Boyzenberries so was shouting loudly and complaining.  Feeling kind, I went into his field and tried to show him how to join ‘Bert and Lambie – an easy maneuver – but he said he couldn’t so I left him to his misery.

He wasn’t exactly on his own, anyway. The Girlzenberries were very close by in the same field.

Madge has suddenly grown. She is much bigger than her mother, Edna, now and you can really see her cross-breeding coming through.  There is no doubt she is not a pure Shetland sheep.  Part tank, part sheep.

And not-so-little Missy is huge.  A leg in each corner type of sheep, I think.

Here she is next to her Mother.  Yup, huge.

I like to think Edna is living her best life with us.

She is such a kind old lady.  Why anyone would dump her on the open hill is a complete mystery to me.  Madge is less of a mystery. She is prone to thinking, which is never wise.

Missy is still a character.  She comes up and chats, nibbling anyone and anything as she goes.

She not the shy type at all.

Missy’s theory of life is if it stops moving, eat it which might explain her size!

The Icelandic boys were nearby too.  So I can’t honestly see why ‘Ster was complaining about being all alone in the world.  He followed me out of the field and I opened the gate for him to join the Boyzens.

And then we had peace and quiet.

3 thoughts on “All By Myself….

  1. Sam

    Perhaps Ster just wanted a few minutes of Muzzah time? And yes, Madge and Missy are large, while Edna is truly lucky to have found you.

  2. Linda

    It’s hard to believe how big Missy is now! (And every word you spoke about Edna is so true…thanks to you)

  3. diane in northern wis

    Wow….the sheep are really looking big. I can’t believe your little lamb is that big already! Living at your place must really be good for them!


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