Three Year Anniversary

This is my three year anniversary for taking on the original Minions – Storm, Waffle and Silver.  (Tiddles arrived nine months later under different circumstances.)

It was the day after Up Helly Aa – I will never forget.  A memorable day for me.

This is the Blog I wrote on that day – The Rescuers – the day when we first brought the Minions home.  The fourth pony in the group (far left) went back to his breeder.

Taking on the original Minions was the start of some major changes in my life.  I look at the world very differently now.

Anywho, that was then…..

And this is now.

They are all fat and happy little Minions.  I may have changed their lives but they have enriched mine far more.

For me, a day of reflection on all that has happened since their arrival.

After meeting these little guys, my life has never been the same!




14 thoughts on “Three Year Anniversary

  1. Jan

    You are one brilliant person look at those contented faces..all of them ,not just the minions. How are the Boysenberries? Give them all a hug from me.

  2. joanie

    From so far away and for many reasons, they have enriched and changed my life as well.
    So very grateful for your generous spirit and their happy presence!

  3. Mairead

    Gosh was it three years ago? What sad little creatures they were then and what a happy group of boys you have nurtured. It has been a pleasure reading about their lives. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Louise

    Can’t believe it’s been 3 years, I remember that day well and have read your blog every day since. You are all very lucky to have found each other xx

  5. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Wow …I went back and read your post The Rescuers. What an awesome job you have done with these beautiful ponies. Thank God you and your friends came to their rescue when you did. They look wonderful today. You are so smart about how to care for them and what to feed them. I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks so much.

  6. Terri

    I first stumbled upon your Shetland blog around that time — and was touched by your generosity of heart and spirit. Each day, I awaited your post, telling us how the Bebbies were faring (holding my breath, fearing that one or more may not have survived). But they did! And they have recovered so beautifully! You took the time to understand each and every one of them and to provide each with what he needed. And since then you have gone on to rescue other creatures in need — including adorable sheep and more ponies — all have found a safe haven at Thordale. Kudos to you, and also to your family, who have been so supportive, and to your neighbor at Bergli Stud. You are lucky to have found the Bebbies/Minions, they are lucky to have found you, and we are all lucky to be privy to this story. xo

  7. Freda Freestone

    Wow I didn’t realise it’s been three years since these adorable wee ones joined your family. Have loved reading about them and how they’ve all developed.Please keep the blogs coming. xx

  8. Sam

    Can’t be three years!?!?! You have not only enriched (and saved) the Minions lives (and Tiddles, Albie, Newt and Bozenberries) but you have shown all of us how to be a wonderful, caring person. Thank you! And the Visitors Board should pay you for showcasing Shetland so well! Looking into a trip your way in May.

  9. Louise Stopford

    Amazing – What a sad start but with a happy ending. You have surely worked wonders with these little ones. You should be so, so proud of yourself – what an achievement to now have happy, healthy Minions.

  10. Rhonda Lane

    Three years?! Wow. We never know just what will come into our lives and transform it. Each choice, I guess, is the first step in a journey. Thank you for taking that particular fork in the road.


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