Independent Thought

Daisy wanted to see Lyra yesterday so she joined me when I drove to Liradale with my bag of apples.

I gave my apple share to the preggie ladies – Brá and Hetja.

Brá was adopting the need to stand like a wonky-donkey because she was feeling very pregnant that day.

Hetja is now eating for two (hundred or thousand?).  She is one solid lady. The word fat is not used during pregnancy.

While I was with the Icelandic mares, Daisy led the Shetland ponies up the hill with her magic bag of apples.

Everyone followed except, of course, for Vitamin.  She refused to get her feet wet – we were wondering whether it is since Tiddles’ horrible accident in the sinkhole.  I don’t know.  I expect we are anthropomorphising.  She probably just doesn’t like getting her hooves wet.

Anywho, the little ones were very pleased to see Daisy and her apples.

By the time I arrived, they were sitting happily on a rock in the hill waiting for Vitamin.

Daisy was kind and had saved a piece of apple for Vitamin until she had huffed and puffed her way to the top of the field.

Vitamin knew there would be a piece saved for her and demanded it, with menaces. Others were just plain optimistic.

As a herd, they all like to be close and rarely split up.  Vitamin thinks she rules them but they will always follow one of us to new ground and she then has to run to catch up.  Fivla is not interested in world domination. It has never been her style.

However, Lyra is learning independent thought and doesn’t wait for her mother anymore.

Yes, she still loves her Daisy.  We are all just extras.

6 thoughts on “Independent Thought

  1. doris

    Lyra and Daisy have the same look on their faces…
    White horses (the really white ones) are always special – as our ancestors new.

  2. Sam

    Daisy has taken after her Mum when it comes to speaking “equine”. Well done, Ladies!
    Love the Lyra and her person picture.


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