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I’m not really feeling the love for these two so I fed them and left them well alone.  Haakon is back on track again. He spent a lovely night eating the grass around the house, pooing as he went and then led happily back to his field for his breakfast and a long morning’s sleep in the sunshine.  I have stopped worrying about him for the time being.

Lambie and his friends were hysterical (not funny ha-ha hysterical, more the Oh-My-God-There-Are-Horses-Near-Our-Shed type) about having horses around so refused to eat any breakfast until I had taken all the horses away.  Normality was then vaguely resumed. Well, about as normal as it gets around here.

Then the plumber arrived.  OH, before he went off to work, emptied the small porch which houses the boiler (spewing water and black gunk). I was nervous Ted would disgrace himself so I kept everyone away but actually all was well.

Ted was behaved beautifully (he came with an ASBO from south for biting the postie so I have cause for concern. The police were called, and everything!)

And now Pepper wants to be a plumber’s little helper when she grows up.  She would’ve been down the pipes given any chance.

My sister sent me this photo that popped up on her phone.  This was Ted’s first meeting with my mother, which now begs the decision do we get our little hairy-fairy a haircut or leave him looking like something from the Muppets?

Thoughts please.  I am sorely tempted, to be honest.  The greasy whiskers are reason enough.

17 thoughts on “Thoughts please

  1. Jane Strangman

    I would try the hair cut, after all it can always grow back if you don’t like it .
    Please never do normal or we will all be very worried about you.

  2. Sam

    Do give Ted a nice summer haircut! As for his biting – merely protecting his turf! Could be a genetic throw back to fearing tall people in hats – friends with Spanish Water Dogs have this problem. Now as for your Plumber’s Helper – pipes look like bunny holes, ripe for investigating.

    You have your hands full with who lives where, since the Sheeple have voiced idispleasure in the new neighbors. Good luck! Oh – Little ted is adorable!

  3. Jayne

    Haircut. Definitely.
    Years ago I rescued a lovely Bearded Collie (as is always the case, after the Breed won Crufts they got far too popular and then too many youngsters found themselves in rescues as their true needs and requirement for endless exercise became clear).

    He came with a full coat. Two hours minimum twice a week to keep tangle free. After a year of that I clipped him – and got a transformed dog: he was clearly delighted to be rid of the long flowing locks and spent the rest of his life (13 glorious years) with a short back & sides getting into even more mischief than he’d done before!

  4. Cathy

    Greetings Frances,
    Ted is such a cutie. I do prefer the shorter facial hair . His body would not need to be quite as short as in the photo but but the “greasy “ beard and long hair blocking his lovely eyes should go.

  5. Stephanie

    The great thing about hair is that it grows back, so if you give him a haircut and then decide it really is not Teddy’s style, you can let it just grow back. So I vote for one haircut and then see later if it should stay that way.

  6. Dona

    Ted looks young and clean with his hair cut. You could try once and see if he likes the groomer and if he seems to like shorter fur for the summer, maybe once/twice a year cut. What do you do with Pepper? How about toe nails? Do they need a cut, too?
    I have a groomer coming out Wednesday for baths and nail trims on my recently inherited dogs & I am fearful one of the dogs (who has bitten me) will bite the groomer. He doesn’t like anyone to touch his feet, but his nails are too long. I have a muzzle, but he can shake it off.

  7. Rebecca Final

    I have a friend with a terrier (Norwich) and he just got a haircut. He looks so cute and i think he feels much better. They can get pretty scuzzy in the face. Ted would probably feel wonderful with a bath and getting his “do done” (as in Hairdo).

  8. Yvonne

    Looks like hair cut hands down Frances. It will be interesting to see how Pepper reacts to the “new” Ted. Keep well.

  9. diane in northern wis

    Sure, why not get Ted a trim? After all, you know it’s going to grow out again. Then you can decide which way you liked him better….long ted or short ted? Glad Haakon is doing better and the sheep are done freaking out.


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