New Regimen

Everyone has been moved down to the lower field mostly because of the bonfire and also mostly because, apart from Vitamin, everyone is a fattie!  The Spring grass is appearing. No one needs this.

But Vitamin still has to be fed and, therefore, so does Fivla because she will resent every calorie Vitamin has.  So Fivla gets the very definition of nothing in a bucket.

Flossie stands guard.

And I chuck carrots at everyone else.

And then they finish their carrots and come a-looking for more….

But the answer is no.

Always no.

Absolutely no.

And off they go to just quickly finish up anything they might’ve missed.

So this is our Minion routine at the moment.  The secret is to give Fivla enough of nothing to make her believe she’s had something!

3 thoughts on “New Regimen

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