All My Fault

I am a fool. A stupid fool.

I thought Dreki and Taktur were looking lonely and obviously missing Kappi and Efstur.

So I put them in with the old men.

The last time, though, Taktur had bullied Haakon but I thought that, as a few years had passed and everyone was now a bit more adult, maybe things had changed and everyone could live happily together. It would be so much easier.

Haakon was a stallion in his youth and Taktur always seems to pick on him and takes the game too far.  Previously, it ended in tears.

Dreki was very pleased to meet Klængur again.  He is not a bully.

An hour or so later, I went out to check how everyone was getting on….. but they weren’t.  Taktur was picking on Haakon again so Floss and I quickly removed him, and Dreki.

Poor Haakon was in a muck-sweat, with heavy laboured breathing and very anxious.

I felt awful. It was all my fault.

But I had to go to work for the afternoon, so I quickly checked Haakon over for cuts and open wounds (I saw biting), and then dished out barley rings and hugs.  Haakon refused TurmerAid, which had me worried but he did eat an apple.

And then I left them to it.

I could not bring myself to give anything to these two, though it was all Taktur and not Dreki.

I finished my work and got home to find Floss feeding Haakon, et al their usual green sludge.  Only Haakon was pawing the ground, rolling and then walked away.  Total panic.

So I got him into the school – he was lame so of course I felt awful asking him to walk and quickly gave up.  Floss brought Iacs and Klængur over for company and now we are letting them eat around the house to a) keep an eye and b) there is green spring grass.

Plus some carrots I was given.

As long as Haakon is eating, then I am ok.  If he gets colic again, well then I am not…. and probably he is not either.  Oh, the worry.

4 thoughts on “All My Fault

  1. Sam

    You are not a fool, you truly thought taktur had grown up enough to leave Haakon alone. Alas not.
    Fingers crossed Haakon is fine and happy away from Taktur.

  2. Dona Snow

    Animal behavior is NOT your fault! The same thing happens with my sheep. I wait months/years to blend flocks thinking everyone has matured and will get along. But there is always one or two who want to control everyone else (kind of like people). So I have to separate them again. There is not shame in trying, thinking things might change. Sometimes they do.
    You are such a good person. Your horses will recover and understand.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    It’s not nice when this sort of thing happens but you’re not at fault, Frances. Sometimes you have to try . At least you have sufficient fields to be able to keep them separate. Fingers crossed for Haakon. You deserve a large glass of wine!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Gosh….so sorry to hear about how things went today. I can understand your thinking that things might have changed for the better. I’m so glad you went back and checked on things as soon as you did. I’m hoping and praying that Haakon will be fine with more of your tender care and love.


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