There’s Grass in them thar hills

Delia was patiently waiting for us.

While I fed her, Flossie went and gave the Icelandics their carrot share.   Dreki has learned about carrots now and happily eats them like he is doing you a favour.

The others know not to bother Delia so they bother me instead!

I don’t mind being hassled.


I did a quick count and couldn’t see Storm so I shouted.

Of course he turned up!

And demanded.  Someone is obviously enjoying the lick bucket!

Once Delia had finished, Floss and I moved the herd over to the other side where the long green grass is.

I don’t know why they don’t go over there.  Most of them were very happy to follow me and Delia.

Once we were the other side, I loosed Delia who rushed off to the top without a rest.

She is doing very well.

I looked back and realised two Minions were missing. That would be Storm and Silver who had stayed behind to lick out Delia’s bucket.  Flossie was behind them trying to chivvy them onwards.

Storm got the plot but Silver wouldn’t jump the stream.

So I went back, put Silver on a headcollar and led him the safe way.  He galloped off to join the others.

I don’t understand why they want to mooch around where there is little grass when they have a field full if they just go and look.

3 thoughts on “There’s Grass in them thar hills

  1. Sam

    The Minions need a strong leader (you) to move them to the grass. After all, you come to the non-grass side with the tasty lick bucket and carrots. Yum!

  2. Rebecca

    They sound just like my son who can stand in front of a full refrigerator and say
    “There’s nothing to eat in this house. “


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