The weather – it comes, it goes and it looms.

After coming back from Leradale, having fed Delia, I was followed out to the fields around the house.  I am followed a lot these days!

Daisy and I have been thinking these past few days about putting a rug on Efstur, who is going through his leggy fugly yearling stage.  We are now feeding the stallions – Taktur and Efstur – who burn up more energy than geldings.

In our rug library, we only have Icelandic or Shetland sized.  Nothing in between.

So we squished Efstur into Delia’s rainsheet.

Taktur already has a lovely set of rugs.

I am not a huge fan of rugging but I think it might help Efstur keep the weight on.

I am well aware that the rug is perhaps not a perfect fit.

But there is method in my madness.  Oh yes.  I have clocked all the previous owner’s rips and and tears.  If I find this rug in ribbons tomorrow, I will know that it will be a false economy to buy Efstur a proper Big-Boy rug.  They are not cheap.  I also need to measure him properly too.

Some are known to be rug-rippers.

Not wanting to mention any names here but there are some that point and laugh.

Meanwhile, when I got back indoors, I was greeted with this lovely scene from my window.  Lambie in the silage trough.  Apparently he turned round in it and fell out when it rocked!

1 thought on “Rugging

  1. Sam

    Not many people can say they have a Sheeple Parade following them around. Happy to know you pay attention to who might need a rug or not. And you notice any “tailoring” done to said rug.


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