There and here

This is my world, at the moment.

Luckily not too crowded but all very Christmassy.

Meanwhile, back in my home world, the shed is coming along beautifully.

Now I have a lovely big window.

An excellent front door.

Next week, I might get an insulated floor.

Exciting times ahead.  Onwards and upwards. Xx

5 thoughts on “There and here

  1. Kerry

    Ooohhh loverley
    I am going to have to leave my dear she shed (lovingly insulated and then lined inside by my dear OH) behind when I move on up, so am watching your project with interest as I will need a SheShed Mk II

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oooh Merry Christmas to you….what a great gift to see your dream shed taking shape in such a beautiful way! Can’t wait to see you at work in it! Enjoy your time with your Mom at her beautiful home and gardens….even this time of the year. Here everything is white!!!


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