A Little Red Coat

The rain was pouring down this morning.  Mum and I woke early to walk Teddy, Mum’s Miniature Schnauzer x Yorkshire Terrier little boy.  Teddy is not a huge fan of rain so Mum put him in his lovely pillar box red waterproof coat.

Teddy is very amenable to wearing his coat. He puts it on without a struggle or argument, unlike some.  Her Maj adopts the sit-down strike attitude to all clothing so we don’t bother anymore.

And he looks super smart in it too.

The walk was vile.  There were no redeeming features and we all got very wet.

Dear little Teddy got off fairly lightly, though, because of his superb coat.

Once dried and breakfasted, my sister came round and gave Ted an excellent Christmas-esque toy to annihilate.  Twenty minutes is the record for anything with a squeaker.  It didn’t take long.

I am a huge fan of Teddy.  He has a lovely smile.

He also suffers from chronic terrier pretend deafness or, as my neighbour used to say about mine, “he listens to his own voices!”

6 thoughts on “A Little Red Coat

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Well, gosh………….where are the photos of you and your Mum (and maybe Sister)? Teddy is a smartly dressed and handsome man. Bright red is a good color.

  2. Terri

    Adorable Teddy in his fancy coat! Ancouple years ago I knit “Jack’s Jacket” (pattern by Outi Kater) for my Lola — she loves it and wears it proudly! Thanks for writing about it. I miss your Jack — he was very special. (as is BeAnne!)


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