The Winning Smile

Wool Week 2017 is about to commence here in Shetland and today, we had a visitor.

A fan of Minions and Boyzenberries, no less, who came bearing gifts for everyone.  She brought Lambie a bag of his favourite delicacy – Cheesey Wotsits!

BeAnne “helped”, ie she cleared up the ones that fell on the ground.

A little known fact – Lambie is very fussy and point blank refuses to eat anything that has touched the ground, apart from grass.  Today, he managed to stuff in as many Wotsits as he could fit in his mouth.

‘Bert and ‘Ster investigated the blue and yellow bag of delight but decided they didn’t really understand this love of the Wotsit!

And Lambie was certainly not going to come up for breath or share with ‘Bert.

Once he had finished the bag, Lambie came indoors to see what else was on offer.  He loves the rustle of a carrier bag.  So much potential!

He made friends with his devoted fan.

BeAnne was less than impressed.

All attention by rights (and it is probably The Law) should be on Her Maj.  Everyone knows that.

After a people lunch, we went outside to find Lambie waiting.

And then the boys practiced their Winning Smiles.

And I think you will agree that Lambie has perfected this art.

When you can see a little row of teefs, you know he is doing his Winning Smile!

I did offer the organisers of Wool Week 2017 the opportunity of Lambie doing a Meet & Greet in Lerwick but this was hastily refused.

Their loss.  He would’ve been fabularse, Darlinks!

9 thoughts on “The Winning Smile

  1. Sam

    Now why on earth would anyone refuse Lambie’s Winning Smile???? Had a good chuckle at the green eyed BeAnne. Was Bert at least allowed a sniff of the Cheezy Puffs??

  2. Linda

    Oh, just look at that sweet Lambie smile! Who could resist it? Who knew that there can be such winning smiles on sheep? What a trio…

    P.S. A scratch and a kiss to BeAnn please!

  3. Carol E

    Thank you for the honors of meeting Everybody and being featured in the blog! It was wonderful. I’m going off to the Hub now and I will talk up Lambie and how _he_ is the one who persuaded me to come and oh by the way also drop in on Wool Week. Lambie first!

    He looks so lovely as I kiss his forehead. I think he head butted my nose right after that…I realized later that in addition to addling him with Cheesy Wotsits, I kept bending down and presenting the crown of my head to him. I know one has to be careful about that as boy sheeps might think one is challeging them. Silly boy! Silly me!

  4. Terri

    Shetland Wool Week turned Lambie down as official greeter in Lerwick? Hmmpphh, they just came down a notch for me (as an avid knitter and yarn addict). Look at the smiles on your sheepies — they are the most wonderful Boyzenberries in the world!


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