The White Sock Debate

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining.  All is right with the world.

I brought mother, son and Hetja into the shed last night.   They were cold.  It had been raining for 24 hours.  I put Hetja in her own section so she could not interfere with Brá and Efstur’s new relationship.


And now on Facebook, the debate is about the colour of Efstur’s legs.


ie, will they turn chestnut, like most of his body or does he have four white socks?


I think (and his trainer-to-be, Bjørn,) think they will not and Efstur will have white socks to match his four white hooves.


We may be wrong – but have you seen a full chestnut Icelandic horse with white hooves?  I haven’t.


Efstur is wonderful.  I sat on the ground and his mother, Brá, sniffed my hand and then, and then………. Efstur sniffed my hand.


I am truly blessed.


Twice he talked to me.


And he has a brown and white tail twirled like a candy cane.  What more could I want?


I am so in love – you just have no idea.


I am also catching up on my sleep too.


5 thoughts on “The White Sock Debate

  1. Carol Wood

    If he has white feet, then surely to the fetlock will be white, on those feet??

    However, surely you have time to watch him develop before having to register him with his breed?

  2. Siobhan

    White foot usually means white on at least some of the leg. So yes, four white socks, but difficult to predict how high up the leg they go. You can also tell by the colour of the skin under the coat. White markings have pink skin, chestnut colour has dark skin.


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