The Perfect Afternoon

I had the most perfect afternoon today – sitting on a nice bottom-shaped rock, with a bottle of pre-mixed gin and tonic, in the Shetland sun, watching my new foal.


It was heaven.

BN2A0188 BN2A0189 BN2A0193

Efstur was bouncing and running round his mother. He is learning in what order his long, long legs go in.  There are many orders – some work better than others.

BN2A0200 BN2A0201   BN2A0213 BN2A0217 BN2A0233BN2A0223

Brá is a wonderful mother.  She looks on, runs after her little boy and is teaching him his manners.  She is very tolerant and caring at the same time.


Occasionally Efstur stops to take a breather or have a little nap, and Brá stands patiently beside him ready to deter tigers.


But best of all, Brá is letting us get to know him.  Efstur is learning about people.  If his mother says it is ok (and she comes up and has a sniff first), then he follows happily to do the same, as well as having a bit of a rub, nose kissey (yes, I teach them early) and a chat.


So, after all the worry, that was my afternoon – relaxing with my latest “best boy”.


11 thoughts on “The Perfect Afternoon

    1. Mary H

      Squealing with delight over these photos! There are so much cuteness. Congrats on your new best boy!

  1. Terri

    You deserve wonderful, happy days such as this one! (especially after having spent several nights in the “hide” patiently waiting) Efstur is so darling — a bouncing (literally) baby boy! Just wondering: Is this Brá’s first foal? I assume not, since she’s older. What a lovely mare!

  2. Linda K

    Lovely photos. He’s jumping for joy! just glorious.
    Those are surely the legs of a racehorse in the making,

  3. Rebeccca A Final

    Frances – He is absolutely beautiful. Your pics of him and the countryside are just idyllic.

  4. Joanie

    And what a tribute to you that Bra trusts you so very much and is teaching him to trust you too.


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