The Simmer Dim Ride

“Simmer Dim” means Summer twilight and last night was the longest day.

This is Sandness at 22.15.


We tacked up Hetja (Jo’s), Hreyfing (Fi’s), Iacs (Daisy’s) and Haakon (me) to ride to the beach, for a picnic.


We made Daisy carry the picnic.


And off we set.

IMG_1256-2 IMG_1268-2

It was the perfect evening.  The sunset was incredible, getting better and better.


The beach was almost entirely ours.


And so we rode along the sand, listening to the waves and thinking it doesn’t get any better than this.


Then we found a good picnic spot at the other end of the beach and got out our picnic.


We had sausage sarnies, Pringles, chocolate and and bottle of pre-mixed Mojito (half white rum, half lime soda) which was passed round for swigs.

IMG_1289-2 IMG_1288-2

There was a certain amount of scrounging.

IMG_1294-2 IMG_1299-2

Actually, there was a huge amount of scrounging for everything, including the Mojito.

IMG_1300-2 IMG_1303-2

Our horses behaved appallingly at the sight of our food and drink.  I think they tried everything too and pretty much liked it.  Iacs was very fond of the Mojitos.  Now why am I not surprised?


(a quick reminder of our view – utter bliss).


The last bits were eaten or swigged or shared.


We packed up and rode round the village before going home.  If you heard hoofbeats last night in Sandness it was not the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


Back to the field by 11.30 and we left the boys there for another adventure on today (teas at the hall).


So this is how light it is at midnight once we got home.


Simmer Dim is magical.  It makes Shetland very special.


(all photos taken on an iPhone without a flash – sorry for the wobble)

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