Beach Bums!

Saturday morning is meant for hitting the High Street and blasting the credit card.  So which would you rather do – walk along this deserted beach, listening to the waves lap gently and the terns arguing above you or go shopping, listening to the sales pitch of the girl behind the make-up counter and the arguing of mother and teenage children?


I know where I am.


We walked the dogs on Norby beach, Sandness, before we went to check up on the Minions.  I had been to the vet first to get some nuclear wormer (wiggley worms were seen yesterday in Waffle’s poo) and the dogs had been patient and well-behaved in the car.


Loki attempted to paddle.  He has never done this before and always stayed away from water.


BeAnne was on terrific form.


I wandered about, as per usual, with the enormous camera.


Daisy got stuck in quick-sand.  I laughed and left her to sink.


BeAnne did some paddling.


And then we went to see The Minions who were standing in the far corner of their field.  Some were letting it all hang out.


Waffle was feeling and looking much better.  We caught everyone and nuked them with the wormer.


Waffle had his daily jags – painkillers/anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.


Silver did his best to avoid us but he let me catch him to worm.


And then everyone wandered through the giant dockens to escape any more torture we could think of.


Except for Storm who came back for a quick kissey.


Darling boys. Now to arrange our midnight “Simmer Dim” (summer twilight) ride – tis the longest day today.

3 thoughts on “Beach Bums!

  1. Karen Ashley

    Have a lovely ride tonight. We will be on the Mousa boat, so also out and about at midnight on this simmer dim 🙂

  2. Silke

    I’d be a beach bum. 🙂 I don’t like shopping at the best of times.
    Great images, as usual!
    Wish I could come with my boy and enjoy that beach!


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