The Silly Frilly

Today’s excursion was on the road as a nice even surface is much easier for me and my ankle to walk on.  The sky was blue, the wind was harsh and the ground is drying up nicely.


I chose Iacs (aka The Silly Frilly) to be my companion as he has not gone out much recently, even though he is ridden twice a week round the school.


Now, I adore Iacs, but he does have his little ways that irritate the fuck out of me and today, they came under the category of downright bad manners. His worst habit is to be wandering along and then just do a circle and go home.  He has always done it, even in company, taking others with him, or on his own.  When I first rode him, my neighbour actually commented that, when he looked out of his window, he never saw a straight line.

And today, Iacs’ mistake was to do it in-hand, with me, in perhaps not the most tolerant of moods.


My fuckwittery level is very low and I am sorry to say that Iacs got told what I thought about his going-hometime assumptions and words were exchanged.  In return, he decided to sulk for the duration of the torture that was meant to be his treat and our bonding time by walking behind me enough of a distance to be just plain annoying.


And I sulked back and asked him to walk next to me.  Iacs doesn’t do rage, he just feigns ignorance of any basic training instead.  Iacs stands for I Am Completely Stupid (a little known fact).


So when a horse, namely Iacs, says he has never been trained, the rest of his walk was spent “being trained” much to his utter disgust.  I found myself a half decent rider and told him to start learning.


There was nothing Iacs could do but listen now and we settled down to a tolerable walk of complete silence, hatred and loathing, while BeAnne did her best Alexander Meerkat impression (aww, bless her little cottons, she is deliciousness personified!)


I will admit that I am not very impressed with Iacs today.  He was less Mr Bimble and more Mr Fuckwit.



2 thoughts on “The Silly Frilly

  1. betty2dogs

    Ha ha ha! Of course he did. I love the sound of this little guy, am very well acquainted with someone who must be a distant larger cousin. The best part about it though is this someone never holds a grudge. He will be absolutely no better or worse tomorrow.

  2. Helenw

    Is this the same lovely Iacs I rode a couple of times some years ago (not worth considering exactly how long ago!) I vaguely remember your daughter came with us on a Shetland pony called Andy and you very generously let me sit on Haakon in the school so I could sit to his great paces. Happy days.
    I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you hear very soon from the medics! Best wishes Helen


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