Four Go Out

My OH made his escape to Lerwick to do the weekly shop (again) as youngest daughter is coming home on Saturday.  I think he has cabin fever so any excuse and he’s gone, leaving us all still in bed.


It takes me a while, these days, to get up and at ’em but I am usually mobile by lunchtime.  I promised Jack there would be no horses and off we went on the dog walk into the fields.


I also wanted to see if we had any grass anywhere.


Everyone came along too.  Yes, everyone.

IMG_7826 IMG_7824


A nice peaceful walk in the field and apportionment (an area of hill that has been fenced in that goes with the croft).


I did my usual photography in a gale with shaky hands fending off the animals from being in every shot.


IMG_7841 IMG_7842 IMG_7849 IMG_7855

The watery winter sun just reflects that my life is not very exciting at the moment.


The horses and ponies are fine.  The wind is blowing hard so we are feeding them little and often rather than huge piles that just blow away.

IMG_7860 IMG_7868

When the wind stops blowing, I am planning on taking Hammy out on a walk with me.  It will do him good to see the world.


There is always the yummy Bozz-Snozz – there for anyone in any crisis. 




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