The Poisonous Carrots

Over the past few days, I have been trying to teach the foals to eat carrots.

First up was Dreki.

He wanted to like carrots.  He really did.  But his answer was yuck, no thank you.

He was not a fan of carrots.

Now Lilja totally gets it.  She loves her carrot slices (her mother’s daughter).  It didn’t take long to teach her.  She had the best role model.

Dreki came back to try again.

Ten out of ten for effort.

Zero for the actual eating, though.

Meanwhile, Lilja was happily eating all my supplies.

The foals are doing very well – developing and growing nicely.

They wanted to “play with” (read chase) BeAnne who knows how to stay out of their way as their intentions are not always honourable.  The foals don’t chase the sheep who wander in and out of their field, though, which is good.  I hate horses that kill sheep just for fun.  It has been known.

Dreki is still very much a Mummy’s Boy.

Obviously, both foals are still nursing.  They won’t be weaned until next year.

Lilja is much more independent than Dreki.  She followed me around the field as I was the one with those nice little edible orange pieces.

They are both very gorgeous, carrots or no carrots.

Bribery is always a useful tool to have in one’s arsenal and one I full intend to use and exploit!

4 thoughts on “The Poisonous Carrots

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I did not know that some horses (big or smaller) would go after sheep and actually kill them. Why?? Is it in play and the horse gets overly playful, or is it really an “I don’t like you and will hurt you” issue? Thanks!

    1. Frances Post author

      Who knows but is it is not big and it is not clever. Shetlands do chase lambs and I used to have to make a grab for Lambie when he was little because the Minions used to make a bee-line to him. We had words. Severe words. Now no one cares. Obviously The Words worked. No one likes bullies.

      1. Margaret Robinson

        I’ve not heard that here, but then again in California we’ve mostly cattle and a horse would think twice (or maybe more than that) about going after these big animals. Even the “little” calves are fairly large and always near Mom.

        Ton of voice – that’s what it was and glad it all worked. Lambie’s too precious to be made “exempt” by anybody.


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