Sunday Morning Nibbling

I went into the big field this morning in need of some hugging.

I found a rock (drier than the ground at the moment), sat down on it and waited.

Not for very long, mind.

The babies approached.

I was fair game and I was asking for company.

There is nothing better than a Sunday morning chat.

No one actually bites – they just like to reciprocate grooming if you are stroking or scratching them.  It is called mutual grooming.

I am so proud of my two littlest boys.

They are both dudes who are very affectionate and well-mannered.  They have come a long way and are very much part of their herd and family.

Lots of tickling.

Obviously lots of nose-kisseys.  That goes without saying.

Efstur and Hjalti happily joined in.

They are all growing up so fast – sniff.

My little boys.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Nibbling

  1. Linda

    Well it looks to me like your feelings of needing/wanting hugs were definitely reciprocated!
    They loves their human Mum…

  2. Terri

    A perfect morning! It doesn’t surprise me that your little ‘uns give back what they have received from you. You have made sure that their “childhood” has been full of love….


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