The Neighbours

This is my view from the front door – four fuzzy bottoms.

Although the snow is not very visible, the ground is rock solid and frozen.

Yesterday, feeling sorry for Storm (he fell over in the field) and Tiddles (he got himself stuck and in a witter), they spent 24 hours with Les Grandes Dames.

(Since taking the blog photos, I have evicted everyone as certain Minions raided the small silage bales and bit holes – FFS, they have a huge silage bale to themselves – so everyone is out in the field causing no more evil or destruction.)


I went amongst my little house herd with my camera seeing what silly photos I could take.

Apparently lots!

Tiddles – he was very keen to be kissed more than photographed.

L1200078  L1200081

Delia – who was very un-Delia looking but she is happy and doing her best to ignore the Minions.


(she is such a lovely old lady)

L1200083 L1200084 L1200088

Then there is Vitamin (you can tell it is Vitamin by her hairy whiskers and Indy, her son and our stallion, looked just like her – same eyes)

L1200089 L1200090 L1200093

And then there is Storm, ever the comedian.

L1200091 L1200139

Though, this is Storm’s face after he had a telling off from Delia.  It does not last long.


Before he puts on his “I-don’t-care” face!


Lambie was looking seriously handsome today.


As was Ster.

They both have lovely smiley faces with very expressive eyes.  I don’t know why folk don’t see this in sheep.

These two could run a garage selling used cars – they look so honest, the pair of them!



Storm and Tiddles, on the other hand, could not.  They would lie through their teeth and sell you a three-wheeled car promising the fourth wheel would grow later!


These boys are NOT to be trusted, ever.  Remember my silage bales.  Wrecked, I tell you, absolutely wrecked and these little lads are totally responsible.

My bad, I trusted them.  Stupid, stupid me.


7 thoughts on “The Neighbours

  1. betty2dogs

    Beautiful blue sky day. I love the color composition in these photos. Very cold in upstate NY too, the ground is frozen and everyone is carefully picking their way across it.

  2. Sam

    Those two Minions may not be able to sell anyone a car (they truly believe the 4th wheel will grow overnight) but they are delightful and funny. So go on believing their sales pitch and regret when crossing Delia – we do!
    Plus how can you resist those nosy kissy pleas?


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