Hard Work

We are all tired.

The mud has frozen over and is solid now, which scares the horses and ponies.  They don’t trust it to hold their weight and would rather just stay where they are.  They won’t walk anywhere.

I managed to call everyone up to be fed but Tiddles got in a panic and Storm fell over on the ice/mud.  Both were very upset and minded hugely so I let them into the bit around the house, with Les Grandes Dames and where the silage bale is.  There is no mud there and they were hugely relieved.


I have put out endless silage and everyone is happily eating or standing in their food bowls (like you do, if you are Hjalti).


The sun was shining but, boy, is it cold.  Full of silage and a good hard feed, I left everyone to nod off.

BN2A1416  BN2A1419   BN2A1435

The horses like this weather, in as much as they are not wet and freezing, but they find it very difficult to walk about in.  The fear of falling through the mud is too much so they stand and eat and stand.  I went about with buckets of water (Hetja drank a whole one) as it is important they remain hydrated.  There is small stream in the corner of the field, but I doubt they will move to find it.

Hjalti is now King of the Fuzzy Butts.  He is happy to have this title.


There is ice everywhere – sheet ice on our track – and I managed to fall over on my bum.  I screamed so BeAnne instantly attacked Lambie (awful and wrong).


It may be beautiful but it is very hard work keeping 15 horses happy.

5 thoughts on “Hard Work

  1. Terri

    Sympathy to all from one who has slipped and fallen on ice several times (hate it). Touching photos of Hetja standing next to her boy Hjalti, keeping him warm….

  2. Linda

    ICE! – I’m with the horses, definitely don’t like skidding along,;tiptoeing hoping I don’t fall…
    Here’s to a thaw coming soon for you!

  3. bigears

    know what you mean, I went a over e in the field, there was snow coverage with ice under neath and I just did a bambi on ice act. Suze did the same, she cantered onto a bit and it was Suze no legs under control.

    We had no water so it was bucketing stuff everywhere, taps frozen, internal pipes frozen in the stables, so everything to be moved by hand.

    Oh well at least not sludge, that’s probably tomorrow when it all melts


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