Big Skies and Frozen Sea

Here are a few photos on my way home after the weekly flute lesson.  I took OH’s 4×4 eggbox-on-an-elastic-band, or Fiat Panda 4×4 as it is known.


(I may never get over my loss)

Anyway, I was blown away by the views – the snow coming in over Weisdale Voe.

L1200145 L1200149 L1200153

Grass Water, looking north west, totally solid – I had a very brief urge to go skating until I remembered I hate skating.


A panoramic view of Grass Water and Hulma Water.


The sea at the Bridge of Walls was nearly completey frozen over.


There was only a thin stream of water from the current.

L1200168 L1200169 L1200170 L1200173

Where the sea stops, the ice starts.


It was hypnotising and very eerie.


The bladderwrack seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) and the ice are not something I see together much.


Tonight’s sunset was pink and it made everything pink as well, reflecting off the snow.

L1200201 L1200202

So, with this incredible backdrop, I fed and watered all the animals.  Les Grandes Dames were fed up of being in the field and barged past me, totally ignored Taktur who was screaming at them to come and “talk”.  They ran into their stable, complained about the quality of the hay and demanded a new bale was opened.  I did as I was told – they were both on the warpath.


It will all go soon. The weather is going to warm up.


7 thoughts on “Big Skies and Frozen Sea

  1. Mairead

    Your photos are utterly lovely. I agree about the sea-ice being eerie, but the sunset over the snow must have been a sight to behold!

  2. Sandra coffman

    As always beautiful pictures. I would love to be able to come see your world but not in winter.
    This Florida, USA person would freeze solid!!!!

  3. Sam

    Lovely pictures of the sunset. The North Eastern areas of USA will get our 1st serious snowfall this weekend. I am with Les Grand Dames on the need for fresh forage!


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