The Minions have Daisy

In there is Daisy being Minioned.  The little boys were all very pleased to see her. She has a special way with Minions and they adore her.


Daisy thought everyone looked well and that Tiddles had put on weight and grown fluffier.

BN2A2297 BN2A2305  BN2A2319 BN2A2328

She also said that Storm looked like one of those dolls that you have as a child and then you cut its hair because you think it will look more realistic.  Instead it looks worse, the hair hacked at and is never quite the same again.  I think we have all done that.  I know I did.  Poor Storm.

BN2A2340 BN2A2344

Tiddles reminded her of his love of nose-kisseys.


I think we can all say that we are glad Daisy is home.


I know she has work to do for her finals but I know where I will find her if she has any spare time or wants to relax.


Being Minioned!


4 thoughts on “The Minions have Daisy

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Everyone should have the chance to be “minioned” to relieve their stress. I try with my sheepie girls. That works, too. It must be because they are Shetland sheepie girls!!!


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