Spring and Mud

I am worrying about Haakon. He is not getting any better, despite being on painkillers and antibiotics and I don’t know what to do.  Sometimes I think his lameness is looking less and then he takes a bad step and is hopping again.


Add to this worry, now and I am worried about little Storm.  He looks awful.  This could be because they all came home this afternoon from being out in a big field, covered in mud.  I watched him walk with me and sucked my teeth – he does not have a strong confidant walk anymore and looked like he would fall over at any moment.


Compared with everyone else, Storm is not robust at the moment.  He is not ribby and you can’t feel any bones;  he just isn’t in as good a condition as his fellow Minions.  Maybe he will get bouncier when the real green grass arrives.


The others are all fine.

L1140514  L1140521 L1140522

Tiddles is doing especially well.


He involves himself with everything, just at his own speed.


He is a very endearing little chap.


So I will go on worrying about Haakon and Storm.  I wish spring would arrive properly and we could all look forward rather than just going along on a day-by-day basis trying to keep everyone and everything upright while the last of winter blows itself out.


Oh yes, and we have two whole daffodils in the garden!  Yay.


4 thoughts on “Spring and Mud

  1. Bigears

    Know how you feel, worried about Vodka donkey, she is still not right and not much we can do till the weather improves ground dries and I can turn her out on the hill to try and improve her stifle. She is on pin relief as well and she is too quiet.

    Poor little tiddler, there isn’t much of him. Our gang have been almost just depressed, fed up of the winter.

  2. Linda

    Take heart, Frances, in those daffodils – Spring is coming.
    In the meantime, could it just be that some ponies just don’t take to Winter conditions as well as others?
    And…look at Tiddles(!) you’ve brought him around so well…

  3. Dee

    Daffodils ???
    We have a snow storm scheduled for Sunday and another on Wednesday. At this rate the horses will be walking OVER their fencing. It’s a nightmare.

  4. darby

    Healing thoughts to Haakon and little Storm. hoping Spring comes soon to you as well as here in New York.
    plenty of cold rain today and certainly no daffodils. I did break down and purchase a bunch at the store, a reminder that sun and warmth will be here soon.


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