The Mare Stare

Brá was last served on the 6th June.  I have this information on authority from the owner of the stallion.


Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 18.23.16

Symptoms so far:


Visibly uncomfortable now (oh, how I relate to that feeling; last trimester pregnant in August in London – meh).


Kicking her belly, lying down, getting up, lying down, etc.


But a small udder, larger teats than normal. No waxing, not really ready-to-go.


So I have set up my mare-stare wagon in front of the house (handy for the loo, hot water bottles, stuff).  My iPod is plugged in and I am currently listening to Terry Pratchett plays (last night was Mort and The Wyrd Sisters).  I also bought a good pair of bins too.  I think I have them sussed now to work with my specs on.

How long will the battery last on the van without taking it for a run to recharge?  Anyone know?


I look over the field and can see what is going on all the time.


My portable hot water bottle.


As well as two outside ones for sitting on my feet.  They’re real wool, you know.


My account at the Bank of Karma is hopefully healthy and I spent last night watching and waiting.


This morning my OH found me “resting my eyes” whilst propped up on the windowsill inside the van, listening to Terry Pratchett plays.


Good vibes please for a healthy mare and foal. That is all I want.


6 thoughts on “The Mare Stare

  1. Sumiko Keay

    Sending good vibes from Illinois to the Shetlands. Easy delivery and a healthy & happy mare & foal.

  2. Peter Mehlin

    This is what I love about blogs, people all over the world are waiting for a birth of a foal in the Shetland Islands. We are holding our collective breaths and sending all best wishes.
    Cheers Peter

  3. Janet

    Ah, I rember this well. My favourite time of year- such excitement, such anticipation, that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach! All will be well! Can’t wait to hear! Blessings!


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