The Very Definition of Cute

Ok, there is Lambie.  He is, of course, cute and very enthusiastic today about all things.

He came running up the hill when he discovered Bjørn was not me (he was busy checking Brá’s non-existent bewbery).  Today I bought a pair of bins (binoculars) and I will hop in and out of bed on an hourly basis checking for any potential bebbie.  It has nothing to do with me wanting to sleep or not, I just have to know what is going on out there.  Sleep is irrelevant at the moment.


And then today I met this little boy.  He was born to Bergli Stud, yesterday.


I think I am in love (yet again!).  Look, look at his beautiful head and the floof for a forelock.


Is it his teensy tiny hooves or the way he rests his nosey on the grass?


Oooh, ooh look, he is awake.


And his tongue (pronounced in our house “tung-gui” – with a hard g)


He is a delight.


and, despite not even having a name, he can already tölt.


Such a talent.


This darling little miniature foal is all Berry bloodlines and is enchanting.


I reckon, it will only be a matter of days before I get to talk to him or put in a pocket and take him home (whichever I think I can get away with).


What a treasure.


Ooof, look at his little canter.


******** sigh **********

I wish foals could stay foals.  They are the very definition of cute.

Having said that, a grown-up Lambie is still a luffley boy, despite what many may say!


5 thoughts on “The Very Definition of Cute

  1. Linda

    The foal is just beautiful (look at those markings! those pristine white legs! and yes, those teeny tiny hooves!)

    But as you said foals will grow up…however I’m definitely not seeing any sign of Lambie’s cuteness dimming with age!


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