Thordale Phyllis at Royal Windsor Horse Show

Thordale Phyllis was one of the nicest foals that Thordale Stud ever bred.

Out of: Struie Pippa
By: Millhouse Independant  (no, I have not spelled his name wrong; that is what his breeder called him)
On: 15th June 2009


Phyllis was an enchanting little foal.


She loved people and she loved to know, most of all, what they were doing and if she could help.


Of all the foals Thordale has ever bred, Phyllis was one that stood out as very special, and yes she knew it!


We reluctantly sold Phyllis to another Shetland pony stud who swore blind they would offer her a “home for life”, etc, etc.  (I now run when I hear those words).  Instead, Phyllis was in foal by the time she was two years old.  We were heartbroken and I have never stopped feeling thatI had let her down very badly.  I even tried to buy her back.

Out of the blue, I received a phone call from someone who said they had bought Phyllis and could I tell them anything about her history.


They had purchased, more out of pity than actual need, a poor sad pony with raging uncontrolled sweetitch.  She had that horrible hard skin from all the untreated itching and misery.  I felt sick as I found out in what a terrible state she was now in.

The Gods were smiling hugely, though, and Phyllis had been bought for a little boy called Edward.  The family took it upon themselves to make Phyllis right.  She was washed, clipped, blanketed, everything to cure her sweetitch and get her well again – both mentally and physically – there was no doubt that the foal had taken its toll on poor Phyllis.


And so Phyllis began to blossom again.  She and Edward slowly became a team.  He adores her, she adores him and she looks after him  Best of all, she got the sparkle back in her eyes.


Being loved makes everything better.  Edward’s sister, Milly, put in many hours with Phyllis and it was exactly what she needed.  When animals lose their self-worth, it takes a special person to give it back.

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Edward and Phyllis participated in lead rein shows learning and trying hard, and, guess what, they entered a class at Royal Windsor Horse Show!


So, yesterday, off they went to compete – Child’s First Ridden Pony.


Milly spent an hour hour brushing that shine in Phyllis’ coat.


And off Phyllis and Ed went into the ring.  Ed’s father, Peter (aka, Master Dressage, Peter Dove) was at the other end of the lead rein.


In a large class of 44, they did well.


Ok, unplaced but a judge loved Phyllis’ walk and said she had good conformation.


Also, Phyllis was a saint with tractors and stallions.  What more could you ask for a small boy learning to ride?


Dear darling Phyllis, (sniff and blow) has been given a life.

I am very proud of everyone and I am so thankful she has found the Dove family.  Here, Phyllis is loved and here she has blossomed.


Thank you, guys.

I am so happy and so proud.  A different pony now from the poor little unloved Shetland that arrived just over a year ago.


Waaaaaaaaaaa! sniff, sniff, sniff.

12 thoughts on “Thordale Phyllis at Royal Windsor Horse Show

  1. Linda

    What a wonderful, wonderful outcome for Phyllis. A pox on that horrible previous owner! (they should be banned from owning horses, or any animal.)

  2. Nicky Callam

    What a transformation! I bought back one of my homebreds after a tip off that he had been dumped in an expletive deleted of a dealer’s yard with a sore back and pus in his foot. I paid cash and got him home that evening. The seller was not even interested in who bought him.

  3. Vicki

    Yeay to the Dove family! They’re in it together and it is lovely to see how Phyllis has thrived, and giving love back to them. “When an animal loses its self-worth” so true, they do. Both my little rescue dogs had, it seems, because now they’re light years better in health and looks, and certainly they are uniquely themselves.

  4. Terri

    Sad and truly sickening. I’m glad there has been a happy outcome for Phyllis — her loving new family knew what to do (TLC). I guess the worst part of horse breeding is not knowing (or finding out) their sometimes terrible fate once they have left your safe haven. **sniff** x 10

  5. Darby

    so happy it worked out well for this sweet pony. since I volunteer at an animal shelter I know how cruel people can be to animals who only want our love and kindness. it is only worth while because of stories like this.

  6. Sam

    So glad to hear Phyllis found the Doves! And yes – triple pox on the previous “owners”. They should be treated the same way they treated Phyllis. Thanks for giving us her amazing recovery story.

  7. RiderWriter

    Oh my… those last two pictures!! Brought a tear to my eye. Thank HorseGods that your precious girl is in such good hands now. Nothing like the love of youngsters to heal the heart of a pony. <3


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