The Man – The Plan

This morning, I woke Flossie up and asked her if she wanted a “Pony Day”.  Luckily she did.

So we went to get Indy from the field.  I haven’t spent any time with him properly and I wanted to give him a bit of a brush and see how he was.

Just the same as ever.  My boy.


Indy never changes.


He still has his best friend and fan.


They nodded off together.

BN2A0217 BN2A0220

Recently, I was asked what my “plan” is for Indy.  His future.  Apparently I should have one.  Well I know that he is a superb stallion, but it is his temperament I love most – his easy laid-back attitude and the way he accepts everything without question or argument.  A dude.


Always mad, I asked Floss to clamber onboard, so she did.


Indy was perfect.  He didn’t have to be.  He is a fierce stallion, after all.

BN2A0227 BN2A4443

Anyway, back to my Plan.  I will be honest – I don’t have one because the last time I did, circumstances dictated that my spine gave up.  Now, I go day by day.  I don’t make plans –  watching one slip away while lying flat in agony, frustrates me and I feel utterly useless.

So my day-to-day plan is to spend time with my horses and ponies, to give them the best life I can and, when the Shetland pony market picks up, I might even run Indy with my mares.  Who knows.  Nothing is written in stone.  Quality rather than quantity.

Meanwhile, there will be muchos snogging…..


And we will try and stay away from situations like this.  Poor, poor Indy – not his best day.


Even if Thordale Stud is not producing foals every minute, rest assured Indy is not sitting doing nothing.


He is a very valued part of our family.



4 thoughts on “The Man – The Plan

  1. Cate

    To go day by day—what better plan, at “our age”? LOL If I had an Indy, I’d do exactly the same. What more is necessary?

  2. Michelle

    Your frustration with watching goals slipping away resonates powerfully with my own situation, albeit it is my horse that keeps getting broken instead of me.


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