The Glorious Twelfth

The Glorious Twelfth in this house means one thing and one thing only – my birthday!

(for many years, I thought the 12th August was named The Glorious Twelfth because of me!)  

I was gutted when I found I was wrong.  Who knew?  So unfair.


MY day has been spent taking it easy, going to see my boys and having the statutory birthday snog (like I need an excuse).


Floss and I tried to dodge the showers, coming in thick and fast, to see the lads.


That huge solid grey cloud got us, however, and so we came home soaked through.

BN2A0176  BN2A0199

To be honest, I have not done much today.  I am enjoying the rest.  I have spent most of the afternoon playing with my presents while intermittently panicking about Daisy’s 21st birthday present (on the 22nd).  Any ideas (she already has Iacs, Lyra and Taktur)?


BN2A0188 BN2A0190 BN2A0196 BN2A0197

Flossie asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my special day, so I glibly said “a Minion cake”.  Hours (and I mean hours) later, this wonderful creation was produced.  I am so proud of her.  A delicious Victoria sponge lies under that excellent icing.  Tonight’s pudding, I think.


And now we know why it is called The Glorious Twelfth, don’t we?

Me, me, me!


10 thoughts on “The Glorious Twelfth

  1. Nicki

    Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Frances Happy Birthday to you. Hope you’ve had a lovely day……. Bet you all sang that

  2. VK

    I’m looking at that photo of your house in the hills and thinking there couldn’t be a better place to be, maybe with a fire lit and some minion cake. Happy Birthday 🙂

  3. Sam

    Happy birthday, 1 day late. And YOU are the Glorious 12th!
    My sister always wondered why Walter Cronkite knew June 6th was her birthday.
    Normand = DDay in Normandy, of course!


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