The Lovely Beach

It was a beautiful Shetland autumn day so we went to our favourite beach for a blast on the Old Men.

Klængur was left behind so we put Kappi in with him to keep him company.

He was very pleased about that.

They also had the Boyzens and Girlzens in their field too.

The beach was empty and it was low tide – the perfect set-up.

We unloaded, tacked up and walked down the steep path leading the horses.

Our farrier is aiming to shoe Haakon possibly next year and said it was wise to just potter about with him but, as he is getting through his hoofboots (he dumps his back hooves horribly), I would rather take him to the beach one(ish) a week if we can and see how we go.

This time we had Hekla with us (our neighbour and his mare).  Iacs was very taken.

They all to a horse had “thoughts” about the tiny streams that cross the sand.  At times we were like the elephants in the Jungle Book when they suddenly stop marching.

But once the horses had got over themselves, we successfully reached the end of the empty beach and turned back to pace, trot, canter, whatever……

It was beautiful, sunny and calm.  The waves rippled along the horses legs.

Utterly perfect.

The salt water must be good for Haakon’s hooves. He loves standing in the sea.

We were so happy. I had a huge cheesey grin.

This afternoon was the perfect ride.

Once finished, we packed the horses all up, loaded and drove home.

It doesn’t get any better than today.  I want to go back.  I am thinking about taking Klængur too. Imagine fast tölt along the beach. Hmmmm!

8 thoughts on “The Lovely Beach

  1. M

    Beautiful to see . There is something about being on a horses back that is uplifting. I think for me it is knowing I survived it with out mishap.

  2. Sherry Walter

    I envy you your beach ride. Years back I had a appaloosa I kept at my sister’s house. She lived a mile from Lake Michigan and we would ride there. My mare loved it, would head straight out into the lake until the waves broke over her head.


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