Nice Weather For Ducks

We have spent today (and most of yesterday) living in thick fog. A right pea souper.

I could barely see the horses.

As we say, “it is nice weather for ducks” though they didn’t look like they were enjoying it much either.

Well, Mr Ducky-Wucky looked utterly miserable and took himself off to bed.  The girls seemed a bit happier by comparison.

I am titling this photo “When you try on your mother’s eye-shadow and hope she doesn’t notice!”

Lambie sulked in his field.  He and the other Boyzens had escaped earlier into the hill when OH drove off for work.  He only came home because ‘Ster and ‘Bert wanted back into the confines and he didn’t want to be by himself.

So, that’s us today. A dreich Shetland day with barely any light and not much good to say about it.  I am also feeling very tired from yesterday’s entertainment so having a day off is not a bad thing.

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