The Love-In

I am very pleased to report that The Minions have finally stopped chasing the sheeps.

They have seen the error of their ways and reached an agreement that includes playing together.

BN2A1909  BN2A1912 BN2A1915

It is interesting watching this unlikely relationship grow and there is definite communication between them all.  Perhaps not in the usual way but definitely there.


And it is not just Storm.  All the Minions like to chat with the Boysenberries.

BN2A1920 BN2A1922 BN2A1923

Things only get out of hand if someone tries to nibble a horn.  That is not allowed and Ster gets very upset then.  The line crossed.


I love this photo.


A gentle game of butting is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends.


Good old Ster. He is a dear boy and very affectionate.  He has changed all our lives for the better.


I am so glad we have him here. A happy little smiley face.


Meanwhile, while the love-in was going on, Lambie had got himself stuck in a Tesco’s garden chair.


Lambie idea of heaven is wearing things.  He was perfectly happy inside the chair and they entertained each other for hours, probably communicating too, if I did but realise.


(Lambie may not be the brightest star in our firmament.)

4 thoughts on “The Love-In

  1. Terri

    Lovely photos of inter-species friendship. I especially love Ster’s “happy little smiley face” — so sweet. As for Lambie — he’s a real character, isn’t he? (what would you do without those two sheeps?) Happy Valentine’s Day!


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