Apple Bobbing

This has to be the best £2 I have ever spent at the supermarket -16 apples.

It was lovely watching everyone having a turn and crowding round to try and get the apples.  I put 8 apples in the water trough and gave the other 8 to the horses/ponies who were no keen on bobbing (Delia, Tiddles, Hetja, etc).


Much entertainment following the apples round and round the trough.


Happy little wet noses trying so hard to get the lovely juicy apple (apparently carrots sink).


On a winter’s day, this is a good sport for everyone and my lot thoroughly recommend it.


And it made me laugh!


But, interestingly, there was one superstar.  An Olympic Champion, no less, who waited until everyone was a bit bored of their apple-bobbing failure.  She came in, out of nowhere, and swooped into the trough, grabbing herself an apple before rushing off to eat her prize.



She had perfected the method and knew exactly what to do.


Dive in and get wet.


I watched her for a while and Vitamin was brilliant.  She stuffed her whole nose right under the water, even blowing bubbles to herself as she grabbed another apple.


(look at the tide mark)


The downside is the water is filthy and a bit appley afterwards (total change required) but the upside it was fun for everyone.


Shopping List – More apples, please.




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