The Lie of the Land

When we were leaving Leradale yesterday, having added two small Shetland ponies to the herd, we seemed to be minus one small dog.

Can you see her?

Her Maj went on a sit down strike.


So we left her to enjoy her sulk and went and took photos of the Icelandic horse foals instead.  They are always happy to talk.  No sulking there.

Brá hiding behind the wall – probably from her son, Dreki.  She is very bored of him.


Hetja, on the other hoof, loves her baby girl, Lilja.

The foals are both very happy in their new environment.

I think they probably spend many hours looking at the others.  The Shetlands are now wandering into the hill so that is good.  They will always find food if they leave the foals alone.


I enjoyed my time taking photos.  The ladies favoured the higher ground.  

And the foals are learning how to read the lie of the land.

This is where they get their education – where to stand when the weather is bad.


Meanwhile, Her Maj continued her sulk and only moved when we drove off!

3 thoughts on “The Lie of the Land

  1. Sam

    One small dog with one major attitude! Love how the foalios are learning to read the weather.
    Any clue what set her Maj off?


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