Albie and Newt

The mud is getting too much at home for Albie and Newt, the little rescue Shetland ponies, so we moved the little boys over to Leradale.

Firstly, however, they had to walk through the field where the Icelandic horse foals live with their mothers.  Dreki was fascinated to see the “little peoples”.

Once through the gate, the Minions, who were the other side of the valley, cantered over to say hello to their long-lost friends.  They had spent Summer together so they did all know each other.

The re-introductions started. 

Newt and his Nuncle Storm (naw!)

Meanwhile, Delia dragged me off to her hut to be fed. 

Everyone took an interest in the newbies.

I love this photo – all my Minions together.  These are my little boys who I love, who need me and who I am responsible for (sniff ** may have had gin ** sniff).

Newt and Albie were very happy.

However, Dreki was very sad he was the wrong side of the fence.

Everyone was in a very gallopy mood.

Little bottoms flying (while Delia remained with her head in her bucket)

Dreki refused to be left behind.

Sensing the excitement, he went galloped around his field, trying to talk to them.

Once Delia finished her bucket, we let the others clean up.

Newt seemed very taken with Silver.

Games are good
Funny little boys.

Albie tried his best.  He spent last winter with Delia.

It was lovely to see everyone trying to make friends.

I adore this photo!  Says it all, really.

Poor Dreki felt very left out.  He would give anything to be a Minion.   

So that’s Albie and Newt moved.  I have always wanted all the Minions at Leradale together.

How it should be.

7 thoughts on “Albie and Newt

  1. Judith Garbutt

    What a lovely set of photographs, Frances. I’m fascinated by the amount of mane Newt has for such a young pony! It should keep him nice and warm!

  2. Terri

    This is heart-warming! (except for Dreki feeling left out, poor boy) Leradale was meant for you (and them). This place is so mystical/magical. I absolutely love it! What a beautiful place you call home…Shetland.

  3. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s. Why were Newt and Albie separated from The Minions in the first place? I thought they would all be together. Poor Dreki – he really wanted to join in all the fun.

    1. Frances Post author

      Newt had a retained testicle so could not go out with the ladies. He was castrated this autumn, so can now go out.

  4. Sam

    Such a wonderful picture of all the Minions galloping about! You must be very proud of all of them given what each had to overcome. Well done, Frances, well done! Although I do feel sorry for Drekki who does not have this posse to gambol about with.


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