The Ladies

My big camera has been away, along with two of the lenses, being serviced, repaired, scrubbed and generally overhauled.

I had recently been noticing that my photos were lacking a certain je ne sais quo.  The last lot taken were when the ponies wore their sweaters and my photos were again depressingly disappointing.  I had decided that it was probably me and it hadn’t even occurred to me that it could possibly be the camera’s fault.  I had also started to dread taking my big camera out with me as the results were so depressing.

So I packed up my preciouses and sent them to A. J. Johnstone & Co in Glasgow whereupon they stripped them down, cleaned them up, ordered new parts, fitted them, tested them and sent the whole lot straight back up to me.   Professional, efficient and reassuring too.  Yes, I phoned often to check everything was ok.  I was nervous.

When I came home yesterday, there was a lovely large parcel waiting for me and I will admit I was a tad nervous to use my big camera again, just in case it wasn’t the camera but actually me.

I was delighted with today’s results.  Woohoo, my mojo is back!

(when that baby weight ain’t gonna shift!)

Enjoy xx

Many happy days ahead.

7 thoughts on “The Ladies

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Oh……… I realize those photos were of ponies, not horses (except of course for the Icelandics). Picture much clearer and focused. You still have your mojo and all is well on Shetland.


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