Barely Speaking to the Minions

I am barely speaking to the Minions.

We moved them all to a new field down the road that we have very kindly been loaned.  Ok, yes, they were caught and loaded fine into the two horsevans.  But somehow Tiddles managed to get his headcollar off in transit (all of 5 minutes) and I stupidly said that rather than struggle with getting it back on again, I would walk him to the new field with it around his neck, taking it off in the field.


Tiddles happily walked into the field and then pulled my leadrope out of my hands. He buggered off at full gallop with rope trailing and the headcollar around his neck.  Grrrr…..

For a brief moment, I thought I would leave him and take it off at a later and calmer date but in my heart I knew I couldn’t do this. I would worry. Tiddles would probably manage to hang himself and all would be calamity.

So we tried to catch Tiddles in his new field, while all his friends madly cantered off giggling every time we got near.  I even caught him once but he pulled away knowing I couldn’t hang on (my back can’t take that). Little sod.

Eventually Daisy went back to the van, found a bucket, beg/stole/borrowed some horse treats off a friend and went in rattling her bucket of temptation.  She quickly managed to grab Tiddles and get the effing headcollar/rope off him.  We left them in their huge field very unimpressed with their behaviour.

As we drove home, I asked Daisy and Flossie what they wanted for lunch, they both in unison said “pony”!

Today, I was greeted with this lovely sight.  Albie and Tiddles cantering towards me as I entered the field for kisses!

I’m not feeling the love, to be perfectly honest.

8 thoughts on “Barely Speaking to the Minions

  1. Kerry

    Oh dear, do hope po(loni)y sandwich is off the menu despite their effing maddening behaviour. Funny how supposedly “dumb” (which has never been my view) animals sus out your weak spots.

    Hope you are serenely de-fulminating over a non-pony, carthorse sized G&T

    And thanks as ever for making me laugh at the end of my own maddening and frustrating day. I’m sure the Minions have a conflab each day to decide what they can do to up the ante in your blogs

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh Frances! The love will come back if not already – how can you stay cross for long with those two gorgeous monsters? I can feel your anger though sorry, I nearly wet myself laughing at your description! I know I shouldnt have in view of your back but you express the ‘incident’ so beautifully!! Hope your back feels better soon x

  3. Linda Kirk

    But how can you stay mad? I mean look at him, in photo 3 he looks very contrite. Possibly less so in photo 5.

    Thank you for the lovely shot of Silver (my favourite).

  4. Sherry Walter

    sometimes when mine truly aggravate me I will jump up and down and fling my arms about while making wordless screeches, it always surprises them, doesn’t always work to change their behavior but I sure feel better


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