The Evil Thought

This afternoon, all was quiet and I think I could hear some snoring!



Blissful inactivity on a June afternoon with fat tummies full of grass and the faint glimmer of warmth on their backs.


Little boys behaving, at last.  A rare time for everyone in the herd.


The flowers were growing and the birds tweeting. All was good – (just setting the scene here).


Suddenly a little Someone woke up!


Within seconds of waking, he had the Evil Thought, but decided to sort himself out first!


The Evil Thought was plain – to make a dear little chap’s life a misery by hanging onto his lug (ear) while he was sleeping.


Yes, that is poor Waffle’s ear in his mouth and yes, Tiddles is still hanging on!


Poor Waffle was unamused but tolerant of this nasty little boy and he managed to wake everyone else up too.  Once they had all stood up, had a quick cuddle and chat with me, I shooed them off to continue with their horrid games.


The life of a Minion is never peaceful.  They like it like that (mostly!)


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