A New Boudoir for Lambie (and Friend)

Lambie’s days are numbered living in our house.  Although he tries his very best to behave, continence is not his strong point, (though he will stand in his box and pee, if reminded constantly).  But, Lambie also enjoys eating coal, electric cables, tablecloths and wooden tables, which are perhaps not the best weaning food for a small Lambie.

The word “pest” has even been mentioned more than once (not by me, I hasten to add), especially in the evening when he likes to sit innocently chewing on someone’s computer cable!


I have found him, I think, a friend – another caddy lamb and the time is coming when Lambie will be evicted from our house.


After the shed debacle a few days’ back, we decided that, as the stable is not being used, it was a much nicer area to make a Lambie-Boudoir.


Interestingly, the family was very keen to help!


We put Lambie in for a trial run and he was very happy to see if concrete walls were worth chewing (as I type this, he is tucking into the over-hanging kitchen tablecloth!)

L1160959 L1160961

I even gave Lambie his own wooden table to rest his teeth on.


Lambie didn’t stay very long in his new house as he will only live in it once we have a friend for him.


Lambie enjoyed investigating the stable – he has never been in here – and it is light and airy with no draughts too.  I intend to make a permanent winter home for him (and friend) in a corner out of reach of the horses.


After looking round his new bedroom, Lambie rejoined his pack as he considers himself one of the dogs.  They go around in a threesome these days.


2 thoughts on “A New Boudoir for Lambie (and Friend)

  1. Sam

    Amazing how helpful family members can be when moving a Lambie….
    Not to be stupid, but what is a “caddy lamb”? Love the Three Dog-sateers!

  2. Linda

    Maybe if you keep taking Lambie out there, making a big deal about how wonderful his new boudoir is, he’ll slowly get used to it , and when his little buddy arrives, it won’t be such a shock being out there…especially during the day, when he knows he can come and go as he pleases.
    Yes, the furry/wooly Three Musketeers they are!


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